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Building wealth is a marathon, not a sprint. Discipline is the key ingredient
- Dave Ramsey

It's not how much money you make, but how much money you save after expenses, how hard it works for you and for how long. We help in wealth creation journey!

Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else
- Fred Rogers

Retirement is wonderful. It's doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it. But have you planned for it? If not, we can help.

"Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom."
- George Washington Carver

We help you understand how a Child Education Plan can help you secure your child's higher education.

Explore the world of Financial Opportunities

Investing means - investing for growth with complete protection. We at Saibal Biswas & co, believe that protection of your fund is a prime job and it needs to be addressed with lots of knowledge...


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It's always a good time to invest and plan!

Child Education

The cost of higher education is increasing annually by more than 15%. It is important that you plan your child's education well in advance

Plan early to meet the goal

Early starter can begin with small amount

Your child's dream come true


By starting with a small SIP amount, you can benefit by power of compounding to meet this goal

For Indians it is a very important event

Achieved by saving small amounts regularly

Step up SIP can be a good option


Do not make the mistake of delaying your investments for this most important goal of your life

Plan early when you start your career

Account inflation and current expenses

Build enough to meet medical exigencies


Who does not want an abode of their own. Start planning based on when you want to have your Sweet Home

Account inflation adjusted purchase cost of the property

Start a separate SIP for this goal

Help save taxes under old tax regime

Save Tax

Saving taxes means earning extra. Tax saving is the most important part of financial planning

Plan how much tax saving is required

ELSS can be a good option as it invests in equities

Saving taxes can also mean creating future wealth

Emergency Fund

This is the most important goal but ignored by most of us due to lack of knowledge

Save minimum 6 months of expenses as emergency corpus

Help meet exigencies when you do not have cash in hand

Helps in case of a job less/ pay cut/ start on your own

How we work in your best interest

Monthly Investment

Rs 22.36L

Bank | @3%

Rs 22.36L

Fixed Deposit | @6%

Rs 22.36L

Gold | @9%

Rs 22.36L

Sensex | @11%

Rs 22.36L

Mutual Fund | @13%

*Flexi Cap Category average returns for the last 10 year period (As on 08/06/2023)

Check your Risk Profile

We will ask you a set of questions to get to know you!

We match your investment objectives with the right model portfolios

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Saibal Biswas & associates has a great team, led by a very dynamic & knowledgeable leader Mr Saibal Biswas himself. They have a very highly efficient customer service team & my experience says perhaps they possibly revert with the shortest turn around time for any issues. Mr Samrat Karmakar is a highly dedicated team member of the company & I found him always approachable and just a message or call away. I also find a great trait that Mr Biswas & Mr Karmakar make a point to touch base clients with their occasional visits to office/ home & calls/ WhatsApp texts. During Covid times too they served & advised the best possible solutions when everything was going haywire and investors were worried. I highly recommend M/s Saibal Biswas & associates for their reliability, professionalism & top-notch advises all the time. They are a class apart and I can bet anything in the world on this claim.

Samrat Bhattacharjee

Mr. Samrat Bhattacharjee is the CEO of Zigma Chemicals. He is an industry stalwart & a subject matter expert on Supply chain management/ Procurement field with nearly 25 years of experience in wide and varied industries. He has worked & led companies across geographies in the field of Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, SCM, Logistics, CSM, Business Development, Operations & Strategy, Manufacturing and Management consulting. He has a track record of delivering results under dynamic scenarios in each fields. In the past, He has led a German Telecom company as MD & Regional Procurement Head (APAC) for 7 years and headed a Spanish Engineering Consultancy as Country Director for 3 countries for 4+ years. He is an ex PwC, Nalco, Pepsi, Blue Star, Govt of West Bengal apart from other organisations.

I have known Saibal since 2001 while he was still working as the Head Premier Banking in HSBC. His help was invaluable in sorting out the financial logistics involved when I moved back to India. When he started his own company I was more than happy to have Saibal handle a major part of my portfolio and in all these years I have not had a single reason to regret my decision. His long term vision and decisive actions in the immediate and short term have helped add significantly to my personal wealth; asset care and productivity have been the hallmark throughout his association with me. Saibal has always been available for consultations and advice and I often turn to him for matters which have nothing to do with my portfolio and like to seek his opinion before taking major financial decisions. I have received exceptional attention and care from him personally, as well as his team. This level of attention has not changed even though his client base has expanded significantly. My best wishes to him as he continues to grow from strength to strength.

Aniruddha Lahiri

B. Tech in Chemical Engineering; Former Director Hindustan Unilever Ltd; Chairman Unilever Nepal, Senior Vice President Unilever with worldwide responsibilities; Managing Director ABP; President TCG; Former President Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Former Vice Chairman of American Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of AMCHAM, Kolkata Chapter, Former President Calcutta Management Association, currently entrepreneur.

I have been dealing with Saibal Biswas & Co for a very long time. They are very efficient in their assessment, selection of Mutual Funds. The staff are very cordial.

Sujit Chaudhuri

An institution which is responsible, dependable & gives the right financial advise.

Dr.Subroto Chakrabarty

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